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Jeff Purvis

Gene Washer retired from racing after a 10 years July 1, 2006 just short of his 66th birthday. "It has been fun and I've met and made a bunch of new friends," he said. "But I have a much more hectic schedule these days plus I have a pinched nerve in my neck I can't seem to get rid of. It seemed a shame to leave such a good car in the garage, so I had the opportunity to sell it and I did." Washer continued to maintain his web site to list the exploits of his son's Rossview High School baseball and basketball team and to track the racing career of Jeff Purvis."

"I really appreciate everything that folks have done for me in racing, especially Jeff," he said. "I'll be going to some of the races, not as a driver, but as a photographer. And you'll see the results of that on this site."

Click here- Movie of Gene's Bud Car