Purvis' 2001 win




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2001 Race by Race Results.
Daytona Start: 4th. Finish: 28th. Last lap crash.
Daytona (Winston Cup) Start: 17th. Finish: 43rd. Wrecked.
Rockingham Start: 12th. Finish: 6th.
Las Vegas Start: 34th. Finish: 17th.
Atlanta Start: 10th. Finish: 6th.
Darlington Start: 14th. Finish: 10th.
Bristol Start: 8th. Finish: 24th.
Texas Start: 17th. Finish: 12th.
Nashville Start: 26th. Finish: 14th.
Talladega Start: 5th. Finish: 24th.
Talladega Winston Cup Start: 33rd. Finish: 34th.
California Start: 20th. Finish: 2nd.
Richmond Start: 23rd. Finish: 19th.
New Hampshire Start: 6th. Finish: 4th.
Nazareth Start: 13th. Finish: 12th.
Charlotte Start: 6th. Finish: 10th.
Dover Start: 6th. Finish: 14th.
Kentucky Start: 17th. Finish: 10th.
Milwaukee Start: 21st. Finish: 7th.
Daytona II (Winston Cup  Start: 11th. Released from Gibbs Busch Team
Gateway  Start: 21st. Finish: 15th. The first of two races in No. 21 Richard Childress Racing Chevy.
Pikes Peak Start: 7th. Finish: 1st.
Indianapolis Start: 3rd. Finish: 21st.
Memphis Start: 17th. Finish: 5th. Drove 59 car.
Talladega II (Winston Cup) Start: 13th. Finish: 42nd.
Phoenix Start: 13th. Finish: 17th.
Rockingham II Start: 7th. Finish: 14th.